Classmate Directory

The East High Class of 76 Alumni Committee has 400 plus registered classmates. The classmates listed in this directory are only those who have registered electronically. If they have a link for an e-mail address, that person has given permission. The opposite applies if they do not have a link. We hope all of you will take the time to provide your electronic data so we can add you to this alumni directory. Your efforts will help us to keep you informed of upcoming events, as well as help you contact other classmates through this web site.

If you have a particular person you would like to contact and they are listed in this electronic alumni directory, contact us and we will give you the information on file. Be sure to include as much information about yourself as possible so we can get the information back to you.

If you are looking for a classmate that is not listed in the electronic alumni directory, please contact us anyway and we will check the resources at our disposal and send you any information we can find. If you have information on fellow classmates that are not listed in the electronic alumni directory we would appreciate you sharing that information with us.

If you would like to be added to this list, please contact us at: We can also hyperlink your name to your e-mail address if you request it.

Thanks Again!

East High Class of 76 Alumni Committee
* ( ) Denotes Married Name

Alberts, Lisa
Anderson, Keith
Anderson, Lori
Anderson, Ted
Barth, Kathy (Weber)
Beck, Barb  (Dudgeon)
Becklund, Gary
Bekehermes, Joan (Taylor)
Bengtson, Sarah (Martin)
Benton, Gary
Blanco, Michael
Bohlmann, Willie
Bojens, Melanie (Kumbholz)
Bolin, Kevin
Bottjen, Burt
Bouvia’, Bob
Briggs, Scott
Brophy, Bill
Brown, Ken
Buhler, Miriam
Busse, Connie  (Sponder)
Carnes, Tim
Christie, Kee Ann
Clark, Cathy
Clausen, Kelly & Roxanne
Clausen, Kevin
Compton, Jim
Conaway, Gary
Conolly, Patty  (Linden)
Cooper, Bob
Coppock, Jim
Currier, Lisa (Swanson)
Dalke, Bill
Deboer, Steve
Delzell, Jeff & Liz
DeMarest, Dan
DeMarest, Sue (Guthmiller)
Dolphin, Patty (Smith)
Easton, Rick
Edwards, Terri (Alberts)
Erickson, Dan
Erickson, Myron
Fowler, Shellie (Laird)
Frederickson, Larry & Jayne
Gaston, Christy (Lester)
Godfrey, Susan (Steuer)
Grindberg, Dave
Grindberg, Dave – Website
Gupton, Dixie Carter
Guthmiller, Mark
Hammerstrom, Dennis
Hanson, Jeff
Harris, Lori (Linder)
Hightower, Debbie (Rodgers)
Hilts, Mark & Teresa
Hogan, Tim
Hoing, Patti (Fullbright)
Holland, Jerri
Huffman, Alisa
Huser, Dan
Jacobsma, Wade
Johnson, Rick
Jones, Tim & Myla
Kelly, Lynn
Knepper, Laura (Switzer)
LeGore, Beckey (Post)
Lester, Michael W.
Ludwig, David
Mack, Dani (Grimsley)
MacReynolds, (Williams), Beth
Madsen, Tom
Martin, Kirk
Mays, Barb (Connolly)
McCaslen, Kevin
Mercural, Wayne
Miille, Stacy
Morgan, Terri L. (Post)
Mueller, Dave
Mueller, Jim
Muckey, Mike
Nugent, Scott
Nylen, Scott
Ogburn, Dennis
Obermeyer, John
Petersen, Debbie K
Pietsch, Jeff
Pottorff, Mike
Post, Pat
Pridie, Jeff
Pullen-Jonas, Dody
Raby, Mark
Raymond, Debbie (Moser)
Rasmussen, Dave
Roberts (Svobodny), Kay
Rorris, Mitch
Rush, Nanette (Bennett)
Sarff, Shaun
Scott, Mary
Smith, Dorin
Sommerness, Marla (Myers)
Sorenson, Mark
Staben, Becky (Burge)
Stark, Jim
Stolen, Lynette (Gable)
Stranathan, Dennis
Swenson, Dawn (Woodford)
Switzer, Ron and Laura (Knepper)
Sykora, Dale
Tasker, Joel
Thompson, Steve
Trompeter, Lynn
Tucker, John
Van Buskirk, Patty (Kempers)
Van Der Wilt, Marla (Cleveland)
Walker, Nancy (Ambrose)
Wall, Cheryl
Wallin, Eric
Walton,  Barb
Warner, Dave
Wells, Kenneth C.
Wertz, Lori
Willems, Don
Williams, Kevin & Beth (McReynolds)
Wilson, Gordon (Tim) & Kimberly
Worley, Roxanne (Sykora)
Youngberg, Steve

If your name is not on this list, please contact